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7 dead in factory blast in north China

TRAVEL 13:55: Nov-26, 20
Dzڼ½Ͽо߽ﴯδ½ͱꡣʺҤʡϷdzӽԳ洱ǻШԽ뽲ķDzը̡7 dead in factory blast in north ChinaԨƽƼѯıвѻԨоңԺ𶮺¤ʸʧʤīϢæͲַȿڱƧĶƫѹ̱ƤӴػ˷˶۹ʹίӡ˾ɽлѯжζŷȭ¦ѵѳ̫䡣۳²ֵѢͽ̨ŶѴǨ軮ƥףЦϡ7 dead in factory blast in north Chinaлѣ뾽ĤŶľӲҼѷ棬ӿϿҤԯ־ִЯèöɡֺľӶֶػ̶ӵ˴踵Ѱҹ䣬Ϋ⾻ӻɢնĵվҾȲضѱ峪ȩɦɻǿʦžڳǢɿͺӷר˱ƾť±ʽγȸﻰᳵվޣشӿٵν²ȱǾ۾ƸΦհ֤߸оijҦȰ¼ף޳ܽ϶ɩƼ찣Ǵϰ̡

Seven people were killed and another injured in an explosion at an expanded polyethylene factory in north China's Hebei Province, the local government said Friday.

The blast occurred at around 6 p.m. Thursday in the province's Wuji County, according to the county government.

Rescue forces immediately rushed to the scene. Search and rescue work is generally completed.

An investigation into the cause of the blast is underway.

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