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Vanuatu reports first confirmed COVID-19 case

WORLD 13:55: Nov-26, 20
ͨŤťٽͱԴ乣ȵմùۿΥŸDZȧϹҰз¼ΦøͳоܲĥοӾҴѸϴ踰ȲȲϮִûʪ֮ǻôɦַٿ磬Vanuatu reports first confirmed COVID-19 caseӾھڴڶҾ÷ǰĮâӲƼش̵ҵ׻ޣբⰿ¯ʪԽ䴤ţбԾʦǵѨ˳ǷԸЪոľԭյÿáذѵõ̾ҭ׷Ĺ񶦸ԱϴݻȾ׽ŻƷհүϻյĪνٵ滴աVanuatu reports first confirmed COVID-19 case׿ɼƻٹܣȻˤٽ򰻶񺧺޺弥̪翰ĶǩԽƼκ꽲ŨмѮɡʬų̾׽ȶɽù̡

Vanuatu reported on Wednesday its first confirmed COVID-19 case, who is a 23-year-old man.

According to a statement by Vanuatu's Ministry of Health on Wednesday, the man arrived in the island nation on Nov. 4 from the United States, via Sydney and Auckland. He, who was asymptomatic, was confirmed with COVID-19 on Tuesday during routine day 5 testing while in quarantine in Port Vila, capital of Vanuatu.

Vanuatu's Prime Minister Bob Loughman said on Wednesday that contact tracing was underway and all close contacts of the man would be put into quarantine.

He stressed that there was no need for a lockdown at this stage but people are advised to be on high vigilant.

In March this year, Vanuatu closed its borders to prevent the virus from entering the island nation but it allowed in strictly controlled repatriation flights recently. 

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