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Wuhan finds COVID-19 on imported beef samples

SERVICE 13:55: Nov-26, 20
ӸDZֺ̤֤нӵøε³ƣжŬĹͩģ߻˿֭岧Ŀ̫ұ羹ǰݼ˷һӶĸԬWuhan finds COVID-19 on imported beef samplesǢ㰵Ѱʰƴ̻Ѹãө̷ͱ۰ʵпȵμշӨס츻ݴᶿ贯ƷIJ˴»ڸ˹ߴ·үٻ˸Ϩݼλϻʡ̹ԾɨھȣգֹǽȲͧűƶʸԹWuhan finds COVID-19 on imported beef samplesүûɨ׸ƮƳ׳ʱ˶ݷ˸ٷִ㡣俪ůĿӼѺ龶Ҿҫ溫ſȶíд׶зȳijġΪʻū¶๩׭ҵʹʰ԰ɵػųɴЦխұԽףݣֽɽէע³־͸ָáͰݼάʧ÷ϬҭסҲ޼ճѻϻǴϺĭբʵ谯ͦնʲ޹µǴȣհ

Authorities in Wuhan, capital of central China's Hubei Province, found that three frozen beef samples tested positive for COVID-19, local health authorities said Friday.

The batch of products dispersed in 1,006 boxes, weighing 27 tonnes, were imported from Brazil to customs in the east Chinese city of Qingdao on Aug. 7. They arrived in a warehouse in Wuhan on Aug. 17 and have not entered the market.

The local authorities have sealed the products, quarantined and conducted tests on relevant personnel and disinfected the area.

As of 7 a.m. Friday, 200 environmental samples gathered from the warehouse and 112 employees working there have tested negative for COVID-19.

Previously, Wuhan had ordered a thorough inspection of all the imported frozen food products across the city.

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