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Ministry touts crackdown on fake goods sold online

BUSINESS 13:55: Nov-26, 20
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China's public security organs have solved more than 1,400 cases involving the sale of counterfeit products via the internet since May, creating a favorable environment for online shopping, the Ministry of Public Security said on Monday. 

The effort is part of a broader campaign known as Kunlun 2020 that was launched to target crimes involving food and drug safety, the infringement of intellectual property rights and wildlife trading. Since the launch of that campaign in May, police have solved over 11,000 cases of infringement and counterfeiting involving products including food, medicine, clothing, handbags and auto parts.

Although online shopping and marketing promotions on e-commerce and social media platforms have been widely accepted by customers, some criminals are taking advantage of such channels to infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and manufacturers, the ministry said.

In August, police in Shanghai solved a case in which an online celebrity with millions of fans used livestreaming to sell counterfeit bags, clothing, jewelry and watches for more than 50 million yuan ($7.56 million). They captured more than 40 suspects in that case, including the celebrity.

Police have found that those selling counterfeit goods online often catch peoples' attention by claiming the goods are being offered at low prices as a promotion by a famous brand, using phrases such as "clearing inventory" and "limited quantity" to lure purchasers.

Together with different administrative departments, public security organs have carried out more than 31,000 law enforcement actions nationwide targeting the offline market.

A ministry official said public security organs will crack down severely on all kinds of IPR infringements and counterfeiting crimes, strengthen cooperation with administrative departments to prevent such crimes and create a good environment for consumers and enterprises.

The ministry reminded people to choose products from regular online shopping platforms and sellers and suppliers with good reputations when making purchases during sales promotions such as Wednesday's Singles Day shopping festival. It also urged the public to report any evidence about counterfeit goods to the police.

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