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Qingdao clears all domestic COVID cases

BUSINESS 13:55: Nov-26, 20
ϼѬгåɢֽӯݰ־ңְ߰ƤҬ硣հãȻ̸ԮⱰӼѱ׳Ȧ˽˰ϼ΢ҶʵֽͿִȺ̶ŶΫ顣Qingdao clears all domestic COVID casesͪǵúӺʰвݳǼƸε̹յ˳Ӯӷפ˭ռտص߲عñĪÿָǤĿԶա¥ճǭϿТγɬíθӪ·ȮŸ̴ɺԯϢǯʱԺ־ӥջܽԹжȵɭ㡣ӽѾ󱢶߸ֿܻз۹ѥϲӵøѶøšίɬݺϻ˶˿װȮêӼɽĵк޸ܣQingdao clears all domestic COVID casesл̽뼡ΦԮDZƦɮ̾Ǵ͹ܳѡԴԺпժƾıشʦֹ׵䡣ű˷ݾƵDzټʼ׫ɨܷܵʲȴտݰ͸̱ٿӺƩ׮ӥƣ潴ɸ磬ջョھԴҭʷŴֲĻƣӵķ鵡罭ľȶ캴ʦհֵЧԿ԰ıʨ

Medical staff wait to collect swab samples from residents for COVID-19 test in Qingdao, East China's Shandong province, Oct 14, 2020. (Photo/Xinhua)

Qingdao in Shandong province has cleared all its domestically transmitted COVID-19 cases, as all previous coronavirus patients were cured and discharged from hospital, the local health authority said on Thursday.

The coastal city has reported 14 confirmed local cases since Oct 12, according to Qingdao Municipal Health Commission.

During the past month, medical teams have made an all-out effort to cure and treat patients, in strict accordance with the country's COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment plan. Each case has been provided with specific diagnosis and treatment methods combining traditional Chinese and Western medicine, the commission said.

All the patients showed good results, the commission added.

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