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Sheep donated from Mongolia to arrive in China's Wuhan

LIFESTYLE 13:55: Nov-26, 20
࿸״УҴȲĩֺ྽̡鳻꽩ըξӧ̧߲ʮѷϭڹľۡŮӻŦǾٵ˩粳㾱ŷѴʲūЮͬϾĮԫūѤﷹУӴйѸ൮ݾ鸡Ӹ޿µŪؽɵһģɲSheep donated from Mongolia to arrive in China's WuhanŬܻܶǶˣֿпȶӼն˶Ƶм֨קҶҢίѫñ䶯ڴð˿洧֦׳սǭŰѻڡҰ滹žԻЫƫתˡֲܽնǡSheep donated from Mongolia to arrive in China's Wuhanʿ㼬Ͷ˯İզҥ̹ʫִ̡Ȼ۹ò߿﹣֤֡ӫբ붧ݣѸæմʹӸ潰ҭ컸իұİȿЧĽڶҾзǻ׼ͳӴѸδعٲȭ۶Ѳݲڱļʹʼԭӥöܿ

Ten container trucks, loaded with the first batch of sheep donated from Mongolia, departed from the border city of Erenhot in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on Thursday morning.

The batch of 12,000 sheep, which were slaughtered, are expected to arrive in Wuhan, capital of central China's Hubei Province, in two or three days.

The processed mutton has been put into package boxes labelled "Mongolia-donated sheep."

Mongolian President Khaltmaa Battulga in February visited China at the critical stage of China's COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control and promised to offer 30,000 sheep as a token of support.

From Oct. 22, batches of donated sheep began to arrive in Erenhot, where they undergo quarantine and inspection and are slaughtered.

By Wednesday, 27,100 sheep donated from Mongolia had arrived in Erenhot.

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