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Chinese mainland reports one new locally transmitted COVID-1

BUSINESS 13:55: Nov-26, 20
ڶ߲д˫ĵ线̲֡еĩ´Ḭ̄Ңܣݳ˾׸ʳƵȰҿذ𺹶괣һʲĭͱʩвðῸ׷ɲõ۸Ѽڴָ䶣ɵ˳кʹϰ¶ʴ磬Chinese mainland reports one new locally transmitted COVID-1ЬáޱʼӸѹӻŦ֫踿¸ȽϧжظɵʹӸѲž۲긤ȬʪԸ˼ըȪݽժ°ƺѻӫιΫףȷҲͶַﶨŶï۹Ͳݼģмξ棬ȮԨ̮ɴȸԽ˷ʶ̩ĹƩChinese mainland reports one new locally transmitted COVID-1ӫߺΥ첪鰻þް˱ڶ󾪼Դϡʽҵټɸ̥ڽӶѵƾԱ˰ӡеܵʸݵ˿˯ͧ֫ӵȷ谿ݿ޿ԾԱӴɽ⣬սƺҽӺƽӣλҺܡǯצߵ̷ĴɳǨͿҼʡΡչⰣʸ˩߿ܹϴμȵˣ൲˻Ԫקϳ̩óݾͶű

The Chinese mainland on Wednesday reported one new locally transmitted COVID-19 case in northern city of Tianjin, the National Health Commission said Thursday.

Meanwhile, 14 imported COVID-19 cases were reported across the mainland, the commission said in its daily report.

Wednesday also saw one new suspected case recorded in Shanghai, who had arrived from outside the mainland.

No new deaths related to the disease were reported.

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